Therich : Origins

Therich13. Where do I begin? We all know and love(?) him from his escapades with the [FUNK] clan in the Call of Duty series on Xbox Live. He busts balls, talks smack and generally ignores kill/death ratios while occasionally putting decent numbers up on the scoreboard.

But is this all there is to Therich?

He likes to give TheAfricanUnit a hard time about playing World of Warcraft. But the little secret that Therich doesn’t want you to know is that he was born of Azeroth. Therich was bred on the fields of Westfall, hunting boars and Murlocks as he honed his skills as a Frost spec Mage.

One afternoon he was out engaging in some sort of murder-for-hire, probably at the bequest of some lazy dwarf hunter at Nessingway’s Expedition in northern Stranglethorn Vale, with his friends Rhomulus and Bracona. When they came across a prowling, rabid tiger in a jungle clearing they were faced with a choice: engage the viscous animal in battle, or run away like little girls? Therich, the only one wearing a dress, cowered in fear. Seen here sitting on the ground in protest.


After much goading and prodding from his questmates, Therich expressed his true nature. Now…this is something that we’re accustomed to on Live while playing games of CoD. You can see here, he jumps up and gestures rudely at the two men about to save his life.


Rhomulus wasn’t going to stand for this. He pleaded with Therich to apply his Frost Mage skills to the battle at hand. He’d seen Therich reign victorious over Ogres, Trolls and even other four legged bests of STV in recent encounters. After a very lengthy discourse on the merits of pressing onward as a group, Therich, once again with only the flare he could apply, simply replied…


And then promptly cast a spell that teleported himself back to the tavern for some meade, leaving his compatriots in the lurch to fend for themselves with the brutal beast that grew ever closer.


There were many other adventures in Azeroth that Therich left his legendary thumbprint on. Some not quite as serious as hunting trolls and ogres in Stranglethorn. You can see here that, during the winter holiday festive time he cast a spell on himself so that he could take the form of one of Greatfather Winter’s helpers. He did this in preparation for a dance party. If you note the chat window you can see that he was having so much fun he didn’t want it to ever end.



But, as in CoD – Therich can always be relied upon to ultimately fight honorably side-by-side with his homies. Here is evidence of one of those times that Therich, Bracona and Rhomulus were combining their powers for the good of the Alliance despite being in the midst of hostile Horde territory.


And, at the end of the day, he could always be relied upon to lead his friends back home on his noble Griffin. (Or back to the tavern. Or back to a Gnomish dance party.)


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