Facebook – Change Page Ownership

How could they have missed it? It’s such an obvious use case for the “Pages” feature on Facebook: One user creates a Page – for their client, their band, their employer, etc. – and maintains it for a time. Then, one day, they disassociate themselves from that entity IRL and need to also disassociate their Facebook account from the Page they created.

But what if you don’t want to completely delete the page? The page may have lots of content and fans that the entity it was created to support wishes to continue maintaining. This is the scenario that has lots of Facebook users in a tizzy. Currently there is no user control over the page creator’s status. What this means is – if you’ve created a page you can never cut ties with that page – the page is forever linked to your personal Facebook account.

This can and has caused awkward situations between former associates. If there’s a falling out, someone is fired or resigns, a client decides to go with a new consultant – what are you to do?

Technically, there is only one option to quickly and cleanly separate your FB account from the page you created. Delete the page – losing all of the content and fans in the process. There is no other option. What an oversight, right? You can have several other administrators assigned to the page. Why is there no functionality to transfer the “owner” title to one of them? I can’t think of a single good reason.

Facebook is well aware of this problem. The thread linked above is too obvious to miss and I know that Facebook account reps have been asked the question face to face with no good reply on-hand.

There is, however, one other option. It worked for me and I’ve seen mentions in the forums that it’s worked for others. If you fill out a bug report in the Pages support section of Facebook requesting that Ownership status be transferred to another page admin – the wizards at Facebook will manually make that change for you. More accurately: the “silent” wizards at Facebook. I filled out the bug report and got no reply. Upon checking Facebook a couple weeks later I noticed that I had been completely removed from the offending Page. Not sure when they did it – but I’m glad they did.

I was actually kind of shocked with how difficult it is to find any way whatsoever to contact some type of support staff at Facebook. They obviously don’t want to be inundated with trivial requests because every step along the “help” path leads to self-help content. There is no true “contact us” method. The bug report was the closest thing I could find to a line of communication into the FB fortress. Even Google has a better lifeline for its frustrated or confused users.

I can’t imagine this will go on Forever. Obviously it’s not a difficult functionality to build. Here’s to hoping FB leadership will pull the trigger and kill this huge bug soon.


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