First autocross of the season.


Yesterday was the first autocross of the season. It was a whole lot of fun and it made me wonder why I only did it once last year. It also opened my eyes to the fact that I am going to probably really want new tires for my second set of wheels if I plan on using all the power I’ve so carefully built into this car. The video below illustrates why.

Supercharged Miata Autocross Racing from Steve Durman on Vimeo.

Any appreciable amount of throttle on corner exit seemed to cause the tail to want to come around more than it should. If this were a drift event I’d probably say I had a great setup…but it wasn’t. And drifting isn’t always the fastest way to get through the cones.

Regardless, it was fun and I did get the second fastest raw time in the street tire class (out of 16) so I was happy.


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  1. Comment by Trey | 2009/03/16 at 22:00:29

    i had some comment all written out then realized i wasn’t logged in.

    looks like you had fun. first lap seemed quick… by the final lap, your tail was wagging all over the place. hopefully that was a product of pushing hard.

  2. Comment by Steve | 2009/03/16 at 22:41:51

    The second run in the video was my fastest. The third run was a bit sloppy – and yeah it was due to pushing it. Almost losing it in that last chicane right before the finish cost me about 2 seconds.

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