Thoughts on a Death Knight in PvP Battlegrounds

Those of you who are looking for more pictures of Wesley, scroll down or move along – nothing to see here. Believe it or not – you’re in the minority. I actually ran the analytics on this site for the first time in…well…ever, and what I found out was that the vast majority of people who visit this site are not here to see Wes. They’re here looking at a post I made about World of Warcraft.

When I say “the vast majority” I really mean it. Apparently this humble blog had over 1,300 unique visitors last month and most were here to read that single page. It’s turning up in search results, apparently.

But I’m not here right now to blog about my blog. I wanted to make a simple observation for all the WoWheads out there. If it’s not too much of an obvious statement…Death Knights kill it in battlegrounds. How did I find this out? Well, I rolled Morphaeus, my Draenei Death Knight, to level 69 and my buddy Aaron was a few levels behind me. So in order to give him time to catch up I figured I’d farm some honorable kills in the various battlegrounds. 10 minutes into my first match I realized that this was going to be fun.

Lots. Of. Fun.

This is not news. After all – the DK is a hero class, right? They should be stronger than the other classes. But something tells me this is overkill (literally). See, here’s the thing. I try not to brag about this…it’s a little known secret and I run a good game to not let anyone in on it.

I suck at PvP.

I’m really bad at it. Trust me. I have had my main in the battlegrounds hundreds of times and I am just not very good at it. I have lost just about every duel I’ve ever been challenged to with any of my characters. It’s just not in me.

So then how does one explain this?:


(click to enlarge)

That’s not just getting 1st place in a battleground. That’s absolutely demolishing the field. Kill to death ratio is off the charts (for me, at least). Damage done is almost 150k more than 2nd place. I even led in HEALING. (Gift of the Naaru and frequent bandaging. I’m thinking Blood Presence also adds to this.) And the thing is….this is a usual occurrence for me now. I could probably take 4-5 screen shots like that every night. Even in AV – where the level cap is 70, not 69 – I have pulled top 5 (out of 80…horde and alliance included)

wow_pvp_no1_av.jpgUPDATE: I’ve since decided to ding level 70 to give a real run at AV. I topped the chart in damage done in. #1 out of 79 (horde only had 39 in that match).

I’m not especially geared well. I mean – I’ve got the best stuff I could find at the auction house. But anyone can do that. Like I said before – I’m not that great at PvP so it’s not a skill thing. I’m not playing with all noobs. So then what is it?

Maybe it’s the bracket. It’s not like people are out there running around with 69 twinks owning battlegrounds. Nobody is really spending tons of gold on PvP spec gear for a 69 when the 70 gear (not to mention random green drops in Northrend) is so much better. 69 is just the next step to 70 for most folks. So that probably has something to do with it.

But also – maybe the DK’s need to be nerfed? I hope it doesn’t happen because it’s a blast mowing down the hordes. But is it fair? I know that the Bliz guys try to push balance as much as possible. Where do you draw the line on balancing a hero class? I dunno.

NOTE: The night before the intial draft of this post I re-specced Morphaeus to be better for PvP. Yeah…the spec I was using to kill it in the BG’s was really a PVE/Dungeon spec. (100% Unholy). The spec you see in the armory is my new spec which is a combination of Frost and Unholy. I haven’t been in the BG’s with it yet but I think it’ll help me do even better. We’ll see…

UPDATE: The new spec is actually pretty good. I’m not dependent on a perma-ghoul anymore and instead get increased DPS and survivability from talents stuch as Icy Talons and Toughness in the Frost tree.

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