Dear Apple. Please allow purchased software downloads.

So the new camcorder arrived today and I took a very brief (and adorable) video of Wesley to test it out. Looks good in the small flip-out LCD screen on the camera, but I’m more interested in seeing how it looks once it’s transferred to Vimeo and posted on this blog.

I planned on using iMovie HD to make the process quick and simple. Turns out that the version I have (version 6) doesn’t support USB-connected cameras. Of course, the newest version of iMovie does support the USB 2.0 transfer that most non-tape camcorders use. So I went to to order iLife ’08. I assumed that I’d be able to pay for and download the application and start using it immediately.

Turns out I was wrong. Apple does not offer purchased software for download. You have to order it and then wait for it to arrive at your house via snail mail. I mean…come on. Even Adobe lets you receive your purchased software via electronic delivery. And their Creative Suite can cost up to $2,500. I’m trying to get my hands on a $70 piece of software that’s undoubtedly 10% of the file size of the Adobe suite. So what’s the deal?

Seriously. I want it now.

Come on, Apple. You’re supposed to be an industry leader. This isn’t helping your image of being a bit of a control nazi over digital products. There isn’t even a Free Trial of iLife 08 (like there is for iWork 08) that could tide me over until I get a chance to go to the Apple store this week.


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