Dropbox – Free utility for sharing files

I don’t usually write about work-related stuff on this blog because it’s primarily for sharing pics of Wesley with the family. But I know that some of our readers are in the same line of work as me – so I thought this would be helpful for them.

My friend Mike turned me on to a utility called Dropbox today. It seamlessly integrates itself into your OS (Mac/PC/Linux) and creates a shared folder that you can copy files to where others can remotely access them.


It’s going to come in handy for Mike and me because we’ve been collaborating on projects a lot lately. After poking around with it for a bit I’m finding it brilliantly simple to install and use – and best of all it’s free. (2GB of space is free…upgrade to 50GB for $9.99/month.) I’m not quite sure why we haven’t been using something like this all along except for the fact that there hasn’t been a free and easy solution that we’ve been aware of.

There are great features like public sharing, automated web photo galleries, and revision tracking/history. You know…things you’d expect to pay lots of money for.

So if you’re working on projects with files that need to be shared and you’re typically using an FTP site or email to usher your files around – or even if you just want one more photo gallery option to look at – consider Dropbox. ( Example of a Dropbox gallery. )


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