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Differential – explained

I feel about 30 years older having watched this. But it’s the best explanation of how a differential works that I’ve ever seen. If you’re at all interested in mechanics or old-timey instructional videos, take a look. (If more the former than the latter, skip to 1:50)

The real deal – wheels.

FINALLY. I’ve been autocrossing casually for several years. I’ve even tried my hand at a HPDE (High Performance Driving Event) out at motorsport ranch a while back. Each time, however, I’ve been driving my car in street trim – on street tires. I’ve finally gotten the Miata to the point where I feel that the […]

First autocross of the season.

Yesterday was the first autocross of the season. It was a whole lot of fun and it made me wonder why I only did it once last year. It also opened my eyes to the fact that I am going to probably really want new tires for my second set of wheels if I plan […]

Thoughts on a Death Knight in PvP Battlegrounds

Those of you who are looking for more pictures of Wesley, scroll down or move along – nothing to see here. Believe it or not – you’re in the minority. I actually ran the analytics on this site for the first time in…well…ever, and what I found out was that the vast majority of people […]